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UCT Gym 1.4km
Virgin Active 4.1km

Groote Schuur Hospital 1.2km
UCT Private Hospital 2.1km

The Fat Cactus 350m
Butlers Pizza 500m

UCT Jammie 70m
Mowbray Railway 260m

Cavendish Mall 4.4km
Riverside Mall 2.4km

Riverclub Golf Course 1.8km
CrossFit Impi 2.5km

The Old Biscuit Mill 3.6km
Kirstenbosch Gardens 7km

Camps Bay Beach 12.7km
Seapoint Promenade 12.2km

Student Lifestyle

first year university students on campus in cape town
Student Lifestyle

What is a fresher? 5 Tips for surviving your first year of university

If you are just starting university or college and are wondering how you are going to survive and thrive as…
student preparing meal while listening to music
Student Lifestyle

The Cape Town Student’s Guide to Meal Preparation

One of the main reasons we order takeaways and fast food is because the thought of buying, cooking and combining…
Student Lifestyle

Student Accommodation: A Survival Guide

Must-haves for Moving Out With the little things taken care of, you’ll have the time to work on making new…

Student Life Skills

homey dorm room with decor and fairy lights
Student Life Skills

How to make your dorm room feel more like home

Your university bedroom, or dorm room, is somewhere you’ll spend quite a lot of time over the course of your…
student labeling keys with nail polish for colour coding student life hack
Student Life Skills

20 Student Accommodation Life Hacks for 2020

1. Using a clothes iron to make a crispy toasted sandwich Feeling hungry? With no toaster or snackwich maker in…
Student Life Skills

17 Things For Students To Know Before Signing Their First Lease

1. What am I paying for and what is included? One of the basics to get started with is establishing…

Student Finances

students taking down notes about student loans for university in south africa
Student Finances

What is NSFAS, how can they help me secure funding & which universities support NSFAS grants?

The NSFAS provides tertiary institutions with funding for university applicants that need financial support to enter into their studies. Students…
bank accounts for students to save and earn good interest rates
Student Finances

The Best Student Bank Accounts, Loans & Bursaries in South Africa

Being a student is one of the most exciting times of your life, but also one of the most financially…
writing down monthly budget
Student Finances

What can I expect to pay as a student living in Cape Town?

The lifestyle of a student is often action packed, filled with loads of assignments, socialising, on-campus events and after hours…
old fashioned alarm clock and different size stacks of money
Student Finances
13 Sneaky Ways to Save Money as a Student (Today)

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

The ultimate guide for finding roommates in Cape Town

So, you’ve reached university, and you’re seeking a compatible roommate in Cape Town. But now you are wondering where to…
student accommodation bunk beds in room
Student Accommodation

The Parent’s Guide to Student Accommodation

Contents: University Residence Private residence student accommodation facilities Other student accommodation options Living at home Finding and applying for university,…
students on the fourth floor nest building
Student Accommodation

Student Digs vs Residence vs Private Accommodation – What’s The Difference?

Student digs  The “Shared” living environment Living in a digs means that you rent a room in a house occupied…
students playing card games
Student Accommodation
10 Great Reasons to Choose Off-Campus Accommodation