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Choosing between off-campus and on-campus accommodation when you go to university or college can be difficult, but it really shouldn’t be. This list will give you great reasons why you should choose to live off-campus rather than on-campus when you are choosing your student accommodation.

  • You Don’t Have to Share

    Living on-campus, sharing is a reality. You will have to share your room with a stranger, bathroom facilities with an entire wing, and everything else from TV time to common areas.
    Off-campus you can choose what you want to share and what you don’t.

  • No Moving Out Over Holidays

    Almost all on-campus accommodation forces you to move out twice a year during June and December breaks. This is extra hassle and extra cost if you have to rent storage space. With off-campus accommodation, your room is yours for as long as you want, no need to move out until you want to.empty room with moving boxes and rolled up carpet

  • Living Standards Are Better

    Choosing off-campus accommodation means you have access to all the facilities you want. Think high speed internet, safe parking, onsite gyms, braai areas, and social areas as well as DSTV for the sports fans.

  • Less Rules

    Living on-campus means living by their rules. Everything from visitors and sleepovers to social activities and get-togethers are tightly controlled. Choosing to live off-campus means you have more independence and freedom.books with the title regulations

  • Meet People From Different Universities

    Off-campus accommodation allows you to meet new people, grow your network, and interact with people who study at different schools. On-campus accommodation is for students from one institution only.

  • Less Distractions and Better Marks

    On-campus accommodation is in the middle of busy, noisy, and distracting campus life. This can be fun, but not when it comes to studying. By choosing to live off-campus you can decide when you want to be a part of the action and when you want peace and quiet to cram for that test or power through an essay.

    students studying together

  • Valuable Life Lessons

    Living off-campus teaches you valuable skills like grocery shopping, budgeting, and making sure the electricity doesn’t run out. In the long run, this makes adulting easier and gives you an edge on life!

  • You Can Keep Healthy By Making Your Own Food

    No-one wants to eat the catered food that you get at on-campus accommodation. It looks bad, tastes bad, isn’t very healthy, and if you are late – you just don’t get to eat. Living off-campus means you can choose what you eat, whether it is to save money, eat healthy, or just because you love to cook, and when you get to eat it.

    healthy salad

  • You Can Live With Your Friends

    On-campus accommodation can be lonely. Spots are randomly assigned and you can’t choose where you live or who you live with. If you choose to live off-campus, however, you can choose to live with friends.

  • You Can Pick Your Own Room

    Sunny, shady, big, small- you choose! Off-campus accommodation lets you choose your own room.

These are just some of the great reasons to choose off-campus accommodation over living on-campus. Are you looking for off-campus student accommodation? Nest offers affordable off-campus student accommodation in Cape Town, check out their rooms now!

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